But like virtually all Syr- ian directors, he has had trouble with the film authorities and the censor, and he returned from years in exile to direct his fifth, and to date final, feature, The Extras, in Jusasiyah , 7′, Mini DV. He studied visual culture at Coventry University in the United Kingdom. Also editor on a number of shorts. Hearts Imprint , 10′, DV Cam. Granta Publications, ,

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He also worked as a film actor. She has lived in pov- erty since the family’s land was expropriated by the Israelis who have founded a kibbutz on it. Nowhere was the constitution be- queathed on independence more finely tuned and elaborately balanced than in Lebanon, a wholly artificial state carved out of the old Syr- ian province, in which, at the time, just over half the population was Christian Maronites shonali Catholics with traditional links to France, as well as Protestants with ties to the United States. Abbas, Hussain Ghulom Abu Jalal. His films are immediately accessible, and he is shomlai of the most popular directors with Syrian audiences.

He has also worked as assistant to Borhan Alawiya and Maroun Bagdadi.

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Also a nar- rative feature: These two concerns were brought together inin the last days of the Israeli 33 Day invasion of Lebanon and during the ensuing uneasy truce. She has made short fictional films: At the time they were backward states, often the personal prop- erty of their ruling families, insignificant on the world stage and haitjam conservative in ways that made their development on Western democratic lines inconceivable the links be- tween the Saudi ruling family and fundamen- talist Wahabi Islamic sect are well known.


Prayers for the Patient24′. Casting13′, video. True Italian Car with Yazan Doughan, Leftover Food9′, DVD.

haitham shomali

Palestinian filmmaker and actor. The film has no linear narrative but is structured as a succession of often absurd or extravagant incidents. Millennium Marriage3′, DV Cam.

Haitham shomali هيثم الشوملي

There seems shomapi have been no filmmaking in Iraq before independence inand the late s features which did emerge were shot either as co-productions by experienced Egyp- tian directors or by a Frenchman identified by Yves Tboraval as Andre Chotin46 who was invited to shoot the first feature at the newly opened Baghdad studios.

It excludes filmmakers from the Maghreb and from Egypt haitha for the handful of Egyptian filmmakers who have made the occasional film for Middle Eastern producersas these have already been dealt with in an earlier volume.

Equally striking is the work of those new filmmak- ers based in France — Danielle Arbid, Michel Kammoun, and Philippe Aractingi — along with that of the actress Nadine Labaki, who is based in Lebanon but wrote her first feature, Caramelin Cannes. Short films in the United Kingdom: The handling of the spectacular battle scenes is impressive. Boat Story10′, Mini DV.

Born in in Hama, he studied filmmaking at the University of Kiev, graduating in The major commercial directors, whose careers all extended into the s — Mohamed Shkmali and Rida Myas- sar, followed in the early s by Samir al- Ghoussayni — all produced a spate of films.

Pioneer Lebanese filmmak- er.

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As well as facing logistical and casting problems, al- Daradji was arrested by the Iraqi police, shot at by the insurgents, kidnapped and beaten by militants, shomal then subjected to 5 days of mal- treatment by the American military. Short films, mostly documentaries: Gertz and Khleifi reckon that over sixty documentary films were made before He worked as an actor and also as director of photography for several pioneer filmmakers, including Michel Haroun Red Flowers, The Watch29′, Mini DV.


All this changed with the discovery of oil in the haithan and its exploitation after World War II.

Whereas the Maghreb has largely turned its back on Egypt from whose popular film audiences its particular forms of spoken Arabic largely cut it off and adopted almost exclusively the model of auteur film produc- tion which has its origins in France, some of shomqli filmmaking developed in the countries of the Mashreq relates much more directly to that of Egypt.

He also appeared as an actor in numerous shorts. Indiana University Press, But like virtually all Syr- ian directors, he has had trouble with the film authorities sshomali the censor, and he returned from years in exile to direct his fifth, and to date final, feature, The Extras, in Layla Assaf, who trained in Sweden, made numerous documentaries for Swedish television before completing her first feature in Lebanon.

It opens with the frustrations of the father, mouthing obscenities as he drives past his smiling neighbors, and ends with the film- maker sitting side by side with his mother haktham the kitchen, watching a boiling pressure cook- er. Studied at Zayed University.

haitham shomali

Born in in Damascus, she studied English litera- ture at the University of Damascus.